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339.00 RSD

Cockpit spray

Spray for the cleaning and care of car interiors. Maintains the original feeling, reduces electrostatic charges,
acts as a dust repellent, and leaves your car with a fresh scent.

Flavors/Perfumes: Pine, lemon, lavender, vanilla, apple, sour cherry, orange, black, new car

Packaging: 750 ml


263.00 RSD

Rust remover/lubricant

Multipurpose problem solver that variously clean, removes, dissolves, degrease, penetrates and lightly lubricates various metal parts and other items. Fixes squeaks, lubricates different mechanical components and protects from rust. It also dries humidity from electric cars and other electrical systems.

Packaging: 200 ml


382.00 RSD

Glass Cleaner

Detergent for a quick window wash. Ideal for glass, windows and other smooth surfaces. It doesn’t leave marks or undesired stains. Easily removes smog, tobacco traces, grease and insects.

Packaging: 750 ml with atomizer


379.00 RSD

Product for leather and sky fabric

Multipurpose product for car interiors. Ideal for leather seats, sky fabric and other plastic parts that are washable inside cars or other vehicles. Removes from the interiors all the nasty odors, including cigarettes. Leaves the interiors with a pleasant scent of freshness and hygiene.

Packaging: 750ml with atomizer


376.00 RSD

Product for moquette and covers

Ideal for a deep cleaning of car carpets, moquettes and covers. Bubbly solution that results in a quick and dry wash.

Packaging: 750 ml with atomizer


247.00 RSD308.00 RSD

Tyre black shine

Cleans and gives back the original shine to your tires. Protects tires from cracking and from both atmospheric and chemical agents. It’s not sticky and it doesn’t leave any greasy marks, and can be used also for cleaning rubber mats.

Packaging: 750ml with atomizer, 1 l


379.00 RSD

Universal wheel cleaner

Wheel cleaning formula, ideal for aluminum rims, iron wheels and plastic wheel covers. Specifically formulated to target and eliminate heavy break dust and dirt in general, leaving your wheels spotless.

Packaging: 750 ml with atomizer